Background and Education

It is often said that experience is the best teacher. Although formal education has helped me greatly, my best source of knowledge about buildings; how they work, and why defects occur, comes from my fifteen years of building experience and the many thousands of inspections I've performed for the Town of Falmouth and for Maine home buyers.

  • B.A Marquette University Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • George Brown College (Carpentry Program) Toronto, Canada

  • 15 Years Building Experience (Sole proprietor, Maine Building)

  • 15 years at Town of Falmouth Code Enforcement Officer
    o Building Inspector
    o Electrical Inspector
    o Plumbing Inspector
    o Heating Inspector
    o Septic System Inspector
    o Zoning Officer

  • Pre purchase home inspector since 1990
  • 40+ credits of continuing education to keep up with the latest in housing information. Includes annual building inspection courses and workshops sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, the State of Maine, and the University of Massachusetts.















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